The Importance Of Priming Drywall

4 September 2017
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Painting the inside of your home is never a bad idea. It's one of the cheapest and easiest do it yourself projects. That being said, painting is usually more difficult and more time-consuming than you expect. If you want your paint job to look good, you shouldn't cut corners. Many people try to get away without priming their walls before painting. This article explains why you should always prime drywall surfaces before painting and the best methods for the job:

The Importance of Priming

Priming your walls very important, even if you are just painting them the same color as they were before. First of all, whenever you are we painting your walls, you want to fill any holes in the drywall. This often means you need to patch and re-texture sections of your wall. Even if you get the texture to match perfectly, your wall won't look good unless the paint also matches perfectly. If the new texture it is not primed, the paint will dry differently than the painted drywall. So, if you put the paint directly on top of the texture there will be a noticeable difference between the patched area and the areas with the old paint. Primer is thicker and stronger than interior paint so it solves this problem.

Applying the Primer

Drywall texture can be very absorbent, so you need to prime it to seal it and create a consistent surface for when you applied actual paint. It is also important that you prime the entire wall you are going to paint, not just the patched areas. You should also consider using rollers with a high nap for getting more comprehensive coverage. Since the primer is thicker, the high nap will allow you to get more primer on the wall.

Avoid Combination Paints

Many paint manufacturers sell products that claim to have primer already mixed in with the paint. These combination paints sound like a good idea and seem convenient, but they aren't very effective. Combination paints with primers are more expensive, and they don't work as well.  You will usually need to apply more coats than if you just use separate paint and primer. Your end result will look better if you prime and paint separately.

Priming is definitely an important part of the job that you should not overlook. If you try to skip it, your paint job will probably look less professional. Contact a company like Mike & Sons Painting Ltd. for more information and assistance.